Time for a Shoeneral


Earlier this month, I was walking down the hallway outside of my office and something felt…odd. I took an experimental step and the oddness persisted. I looked down. I raised my foot. The sole of the shoe stuck with me, but the heel did not.

Alas! My favorite summer sandals had died. My only consolation was that I did not fall down when the wedge cracked almost all the way through and the sole detached from the heel.


Shortly thereafter, I found out that the foot pain that had been plaguing me during and after runs and after a long day on my feet was likely a stress fracture. The doctor delicately suggested that with the history of foot issues I’ve had (foot surgery in 10/2006 on the same foot), maybe it would behoove me (heh) to stop wearing heels to work every day.

So, I need some cute flats. I know I said that almost four years ago, but I mean it now. There’s got to be cute, comfortable, work appropriate flats. I’m currently wearing my new purple running shoes everywhere, since I’m not actually doing any running.


So – thoughts on any of the below?

Coach Dorie

Coach Dorie


circus by sam edelman

circus by sam edelman


Anne Klein Jocelyne

Anne Klein Jocelyne


anne klein heida

anne klein heida


Any of you have a favorite, cute go-to flattish shoe you’d recommend?


Twenty-seven (27!) months with Alvie Bean

So I started this post on July 8 – aka the day you were 27 months old. And then work happened and I never finished. Oops! At this rate, I’m not going to make it to 36 months before I accidentally skip a month.

But – here we are in July.

Whoa, little dude! You are 2.25 years old. One quarter through your third trip around the sun. You, in other words, are becoming a very big boy.

Months 25 and 26 were hard. Month 27 seemed easy by comparison. Don’t get me wrong – you’re still a handful and a half from time to time – but you started bathing again and became slightly less sociopath-emo.

You run the gamut from über serious to completely silly and I love it.

Please don't talk to me. I'm reading.

Please don’t talk to me. I’m reading.

"I cwazy, mummy!"

“I cwazy, mummy!”


You continue to be able to instinctively differentiate between fruits and vegetables if they are not in pureed form. In other news, maybe everyone should buy stock in the Gerber Organics fruit & veg pouches. I do not know how, when presented with two brand new foods, you can tell which is the fruit (aka delicious) and which is the veg (AKA “I would rather die that put that cheese-sauce drenched green thing in my mouth”).



You are back to loving being immersed in water. And this blow-up pool is the best $12.99 I’ve ever spent, I think. We don’t make you wear clothes for back-yard swimming, and I’m afraid that will create a problem when we get to the pool next time.

Penis out, please

The most fun is going in and out repeatedly.

Your imagination is developing by leaps and bounds and I love it. It is so much fun hearing your made up stories and scenarios, although the story about the lots and lots of spiders that took naps in your hands at school was a little weird.

I go grocery store. Buy cheese sandwich.

I go grocery store. Buy cheese sandwich.


thanks a lot, daniel tiger

I in space boat, mummy. Zoom me. PEASE!

We are thisclose to being potty trained. You are dry in the morning (most of the time) and after naps, and are so good at telling me when you have to go. Until you get distracted and then, not so much. I know we’re almost there, though. It’s underwear at home and pull-ups and daycare for now, because I don’t want your teachers to hate me for having to change a soggy Alvie Bean every time you get too busy to remember your bladder.

His potty training reward for going several hours without accidents: an airplane!

His potty training reward for going several hours without accidents: an airplane!


Bedtime, which was a challenge for a couple of months, is mostly back on track. You get pretty wound up, but you’re no longer sobbing and sobbing when we leave you after stories and kisses. You always, always, always have to go potty twice, though. And since you’re actually going and waking up dry, that is not a bad compromise. (You even woke us up at midnight last night because you had to go potty. That was awesome.)

bye-bye mommy. I go sleep now, pease.

bye-bye mommy. I go sleep now, pease.


You are so daring and curious and adventuresome. You talk SO MUCH and tell such great stories. You always want to know “what’s dat?” and are starting to ask “why?” I’m sure there will be a point where I answer, “because that’s just the way it is, dammit,” but so far we’re not there yet.

I climb it.

I climb it.

You are easily frustrated when you can’t do it yourself, but are delighted when mommy or daddy can help you once you’ve asked for it. You know most of your ABCs, can count to 10 (as long as no one cares about #8), and know your first, middle, and last names.

Thanks for being the best, smartest, most handsome, and most wonderful kidlet a mama could ask for.

xoxo Bean.






Word Nerd: The End Times Are Nigh!

I was tweeting about Daniel Tiger (as you do) with Cat, and said that the end times were nigh, due to the prevalence of Daniel Tiger in my life. Cat referred me to Jack Van Impe, declaring that maybe he knew what he was talking about after all.

That led me to today’s beautiful word.


Isn’t that gorgeous?

EschatologyListeni/ˌɛskəˈtɒləi/ is a part of theology concerned with what are believed to be the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the “end of the world” or “end time“.

The word arises from the Greekἔσχατος/ἐσχάτη/ἔσχατον.

First, it’s a fun word. Also, I love “end of times” shenanigans. When I was little, and being raised by a minister (and his wife), I read the Bible. A lot. My favorite book (not counting Song of Solomon, of course) was Revelations. So much bloody fun!

Secondly, the etymology is gorgeous. I love Greek. I tried to teach myself Greek once. It didn’t take. I’m not very good at languages, especially not at teaching myself languages. I am going to have to bite the bullet and sign up for real live Norwegian classes, because my apps are not cutting it. (Although I love Norwegian because it sounds to me like a German got drunk and tried to speak English at me.)

But I digress. Anyhoosits, eschatology. Super awesome word and one that definitely deserves to be in my lexicon. Use it. Love it. Wait for the world to end.


Wikipedia contributors. “Eschatology.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 30 Apr. 2014. Web. 20 Jun. 2014.

The Troubled Sleep of the Damned

I guess I’m one of the good ones, because I am sure as hell (hee! see what I did there?) not sleeping any sleeps, much less the nightmare-ridden and restless “sleep of the damned.”*

So – how did my five step program go yesterday? HA HA HA HA HA.

Well, it could’ve been worse. I achieved goals 1-4:

  1. I went for a 30 minute walk on my lunch break.
  2. I purchased a healthy-ish meal to eat for lunch.
  3. I made great strides on organizing my work to-do list and knocking off the smaller items
  4. I played with Bean for 30 minutes outside AND ate the delicious and healthy dinner the architect made for us
  5. And this is where it all fell apart. I went to bed too late for drugs and then couldn’t fall asleep. Then, I missed my 5 AM wake-up, because apparently my body refuses to function on less than 5 hours of sleep. So, I neither wrote nor worked out this morning. And then I wasn’t to work early enough to be wicked productive before my first meeting. And so on.

But, I will do better today! I will! I had many successes yesterday, and I will let that sense of success beget today’s success.

I am headed out for another walk soon, and have made plans to drop Bean off with the architect and hit the gym before dinner tonight. I need to lift the weights to get the muscles!

So to repeat for today:

  1. I will go for a 30 minute lunchtime walk
  2. I will eat a delicious lunch of oatmeal, almond butter, and banana.
  3. I will knock through the revisions on big project #1
  4. I will go to the gym for weights and then make a healthy dinner.
  5. After Bean’s bedtime, I will shower, make tomorrow’s lunch AND tomorrow’s coffee, and go to bed. I WILL NOT SIT DOWN and I will not start a new book. And I will take my sleeping drugs. Because drugs!
  6. I will get up to write at 5 AM tomorrow.

So it is written, so shall it be done.


*Alan Bradley -  “The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches.”

The Slacker Files

I haven’t been sleeping much lately, and not sleeping really messes up my whole life.

Things that happen when I don’t go to sleep at night:

  1. I do not wake up at 5 am in the morning
  2. If I don’t wake up at 5, I don’t do my morning writing
  3. If I don’t wake up at 5, I don’t hit the gym for weights
  4. If I don’t wake up at 5, I don’t get up until 7
  5. If I don’t get up until 7, I don’t have time to drink coffee, make my lunch, and get Mr. Bean up & dressed & fed
  6. If I don’t get up until 7, I don’t get to work until 8:30
  7. If I don’t get to work until 8:30, I miss that morning sweet spot of productivity
  8. And then I spin my wheels because I’m tired, and cranky, and haven’t done any of the things that make me happy in the morning (write, exercise, be super productive by 10 am)
  9. And then, I’m cranky and craving gross cafeteria food and cookies, and since I didn’t pack my lunch, I eat gross cafeteria food and cookies
  10. And then I’m tired and don’t work out on my lunch break or after work
  11. And so I go home and play with Bean and have dinner and then the day is a waste, so I sit and the sleeplessness starts all over.


In the last couple of weeks, I’ve written less than 7500 words (half of which were on Saturday). I worked out zero times last week after the architect’s and my hike last Monday. I feel crappy because I’m tired. I’m feeling stressed at work. And at home. I’m over caffeinated and under exercised.

And I’m having trouble caring. (Bright spot? I’m all the way through season 7 of Supernatural and finished the latest in the Iron Druid series – released at midnight on 6/17/14 (yes today) eastern time, or 9 pm my time. Yeah, didn’t get much sleep last night either. This may or may not be a bright spot.)

Something needs to change.

Today’s dictionary.com word of the day was “beget.” It totally made me think of Carla since she wrote an entire blog post on begetting recently. And that reminded me that if I want to see changes in how I’m dealing with life, I need to pretend that those changes are already made.

And so, here at sleepy thirty on a Tuesday, I am telling you about the changes that will happen today.

  1. I will exercise during my carved out exercise time. I don’t have any exercise gear, so it’ll have to just be a walk, but I’m walking for 40 minutes starting at 11:30.
  2. I will pick up a healthy lunch on my way back to my office after lunch walk
  3. I will spend the afternoon reviewing my to-do list and gearing up for a productive week in the office. I will knock off all the tiny tasks that are just a PITA in preparation for the bigger projects taking up all my time the rest of the week.
  4. I will play outside with bean for 30 minutes tonight and then make a healthy dinner.
  5. After Bean’s bedtime, I will shower, put away the laundry, make tomorrow’s coffee, and go to bed. No sitting on the couch. Bed by 9:30.

Those seem like decent enough, totally achievable goals, yes?

As a reward for making it all the way through the post, I present to you Alvie Bean:

Hanging in the play space

Hanging in the play space