Three Things Thursday

1. Today is the last day of my first full week back to work. I loved my mid-week holiday this week that helped me settle in! Alvie Bean is doing very well with the nanny, ending his hunger strike of last week. Apparently he does not like frozen breast milk and schedule changes all in the same week. Other things he does not like: broccoli. I will be limiting my intake of cruciferous veggies for the remainder of this breastfeeding gig. Otherwise, I end up with this:

My tummy hurts & I’m going to intersperse my crying with barfing for several hours

2. Yesterday was the 3rd annual Independence Day BBQ & Fireworks extravaganza. It was fun & delicious, although we forgot to have s’mores! However, I did make a cake.


3. Alvie Bean had a lot of fun at the party. So much so, that he didn’t want to go to bed (I think he could hear us talking), so he stayed up and watched the fireworks with us. He’s pretty tired today, but was only minimally fussy last night, so I can’t really complain. Little patriot baby was the hit of the party, I think!

Red, White & Blue Baby

One response to “Three Things Thursday

  1. What a fun party! I haven’t heard of the broccoli thing, that doesn’t sound like much fun. What is fun? Eat some asparagus and wait for the Alvie’s diapers to smell like asparagus pee. Really sends the message home, and could give the architect a nice surprise.