Three Things Thursday

1. MizFit (who is awesome, and if you aren’t reading her, you should be) has a new awesome sport skirt for sale! I am not a sport skirt person, but this one is such that I cannot resist. Check it out:

Right? Inspirational, cute AND SKULLS! I love skulls & crossbones.


2. I really like my job, but miss all the exercising I could do at 10 am when I was on maternity leave. Weekday exercise is not happening. I say that like weekend exercise is somehow happening. hahahahaha. At least tomorrow I have a 5:45 am running date with the Ambitious One.


3. For the life of me, I cannot think of a third thing. So, instead, I am going to insert photos of my child.



Attitude of Gratitude

Oct 4 – My son, even when he’s teething and tired, is still awesome. Cheeriest Baby Ever. Love that guy.

4 Responses to Three Things Thursday

  1. You are awesome.
    I am offering to babysit :-) #missthosedays

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    Adoption messages.


  2. Squints. Did that work?!

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    Adoption messages.


    • apparently my spam filter thought you were spam. I have disabused the filter of that notion! You are so much better than slimy, creepy canned ham product!

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  3. Cute baby pics will always be an acceptable third thing. I too am fighting the mid-day workout withdrawals, but it hasn’t gotten bad enough to warrant a 5:45 run date. ouch!