Writerly Wednesday: The Broken World update

Hi, loyal readers! As you’ve (probably) seen me mention, I totally fucked up my right shoulder the weekend after Thanksgiving and that’s really had a huge impact on my workflow.

This is exactly how I feel right now

Things are progressing along, but I’m at a weird stage in my recovery. I am no longer in constant excruciating pain. Rather, I have near-constant low-grade pain (like a 2/3 on a scale of 1-10; I’ve done a lot of pain rating lately) and my shoulder tires easily. This means that I occasionally forget that it’s actually still pretty injured and then do stuff like “pour heavy laundry detergent” which had the dual benefit of rotating my fucked up rotator cuff and being heavier than my weak-ass arm can handle. That did not end well.

ANYWAY – I’ve finally started writing again this week (last week was a wash, meaning I really did lose NaNoWriMo this year…sad face) and am getting close to 1K words/day in the mornings before work. (After work, my arm is too tired, since I spend all day at work on the computer as well.)

I need a scribe. 

What does this mean for the release date? At this point, I’m not sure. I’m still hoping to finish it up this month so I can get it released in March 2018 as planned. I’m more than half way done, but it’s slow, slow going right now.

Current typing speed

I’m still planning on releasing four books in 2018. (If someone could send me a few sacks of money or a timeturner, which I would definitely sell for money, that’d be great.)

The Broken World (Eleanor #4) in March (fingers crossed) and then the first three books in my Oracle Bay series in October, November, and December.

PNW Coast? Check. Unionized psychics? Check. A little mystery and a lot of romance? Double check.

So really, what’s my point? This is going to happen and I will get through this, make all my deadlines, and make you all (hopefully) very, very happy.

December 2017 Goals

Ugh you guys. Seriously ugh.

Let’s just look back at November, shall we?

November Goals

  1. Hit 90K words on Eleanor 4 – hahahahahah. (I’m at 55K or so)
  2. Finish all editing projects on time – SUCCESS!
  3. Find one new editing client – fail – didn’t even try
  4. Move 30 minutes every day – hahahahaha.
  5. Find a way to be present and let go of stress before I have a nervous breakdown – cue hysterical laughter/sobbing

December Goals

  1. Finish The Broken World
  2. Catch up on book reviews/reading
  3. Survive without a nervous breakdown and/or alienating those I love
  4. Start shoulder PT and then keep up with it
  5. Walk 3x/week

Honestly, I’m mostly interested in #3. Wish me luck

Three Things Thursday: Rogue Shoulder Edition

  1. The right side of my body hates me. I’ve dislocated my right knee (twice), broken my right hand, had surgery on my right foot, had my gall bladder go rogue and need to be removed, had bursitis post hamstring injury – on the right side – and now I’m dealing with my right shoulder.
  2. I had x-rays yesterday and they looked good. No separation and all my bones were right where they were supposed to be. This means no MRI for right now. My job for the next two weeks is to rest it as much as possible, ice every couple hours at home, and get the pain to manageable levels so I can start PT in a couple of weeks.
  3. I hate physical therapy, and, to be honest, I am not good at following through on my at-home exercises. However, I have added incentive this time. In addition to having a trip to Ireland and Spain planned in 3 months, the Beer Guy has said that if I don’t  keep up with my PT, he will remove my arm and beat me with it. (This is likely hyperbole. It’s more likely that he’ll just speak sternly to me. Not sure I want to take that chance, though.)

I need a scribe. And a chauffeur. And a butler. And a pool boy.

Writerly Wednesday – Eleanor Morgan Paperbacks

The Waning Moon and The Cardinal Gate are back in stock! If you’re interested in buying autographed paperbacks, now’s your chance!


The Cardinal Gate – $12

The Waning Moon – $14

The Ruby Blade – $14


1st Book – $3

Each Additional Book – $1

How to Buy

Paypal me at amyrcissell (at) gmail (dot) com and include in your note the following:

  1. Which book(s) you’re purchasing
  2. What inscription you’d like (if anything specific)
  3. Who you’d like me to mention in said inscription
  4. Mailing address

The Fine Print

At this point, this is only open to US buyers, because shipping international is wicked expensive. If you’re international and interested in picking up the shipping costs, email me and we can probably work something out.

Eleanor Morgan
Books 1-3

NaNo update

For the first time since I (re)started NaNoWriMo, I am not going to win. This month has been busy (so much freelancing!) and stressful (oh, my little Alvie Bean…) and now I’m sitting at my desk trying to type this while wearing a sling.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, but in the meantime, I’m only able to use 3/5 of the fingers on my right hand and even that’s exhausting.

I’m disappointed and a little worried about my book 4 deadline (and how this will impact my 2018 writing schedule), but mostly, I’m just hoping that my afternoon appointment will give me some answers and some pain relief.