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December 2017 Goals

Ugh you guys. Seriously ugh.

Let’s just look back at November, shall we?

November Goals

  1. Hit 90K words on Eleanor 4 – hahahahahah. (I’m at 55K or so)
  2. Finish all editing projects on time – SUCCESS!
  3. Find one new editing client – fail – didn’t even try
  4. Move 30 minutes every day – hahahahaha.
  5. Find a way to be present and let go of stress before I have a nervous breakdown – cue hysterical laughter/sobbing

December Goals

  1. Finish The Broken World
  2. Catch up on book reviews/reading
  3. Survive without a nervous breakdown and/or alienating those I love
  4. Start shoulder PT and then keep up with it
  5. Walk 3x/week

Honestly, I’m mostly interested in #3. Wish me luck

Three Things Thursday: Rogue Shoulder Edition

  1. The right side of my body hates me. I’ve dislocated my right knee (twice), broken my right hand, had surgery on my right foot, had my gall bladder go rogue and need to be removed, had bursitis post hamstring injury – on the right side – and now I’m dealing with my right shoulder.
  2. I had x-rays yesterday and they looked good. No separation and all my bones were right where they were supposed to be. This means no MRI for right now. My job for the next two weeks is to rest it as much as possible, ice every couple hours at home, and get the pain to manageable levels so I can start PT in a couple of weeks.
  3. I hate physical therapy, and, to be honest, I am not good at following through on my at-home exercises. However, I have added incentive this time. In addition to having a trip to Ireland and Spain planned in 3 months, the Beer Guy has said that if I don’t  keep up with my PT, he will remove my arm and beat me with it. (This is likely hyperbole. It’s more likely that he’ll just speak sternly to me. Not sure I want to take that chance, though.)

I need a scribe. And a chauffeur. And a butler. And a pool boy.

NaNo update

For the first time since I (re)started NaNoWriMo, I am not going to win. This month has been busy (so much freelancing!) and stressful (oh, my little Alvie Bean…) and now I’m sitting at my desk trying to type this while wearing a sling.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, but in the meantime, I’m only able to use 3/5 of the fingers on my right hand and even that’s exhausting.

I’m disappointed and a little worried about my book 4 deadline (and how this will impact my 2018 writing schedule), but mostly, I’m just hoping that my afternoon appointment will give me some answers and some pain relief.


Gotta Have Goals (November 2017)

Yeah, maybe it’s the middle of November almost, but bite me. The last two weeks have been wicked hard. The stress of being mid-divorce and facing unemployment have nothing on the stress of watching your child suffer* and not be able to help.

So, I’m a little behind on a lot of things. I have book reviews to write/publish for Mel Sterling as well as for Lit Buzz and a few others.

I am so fucking far behind on NaNoWriMo, which is unfortunate – not because I particularly care about winning (although this is the first year I didn’t buy my winner’s shirt in advance, and that’s probably why I’m not doing well), but because I do care about finishing Eleanor #4 and getting the beta-reading and editing process moving.

I am, fortunately, not behind on my editing projects.

I am super far behind on sleep, and as such have just been randomly falling asleep lately.

BUT – I have goals for this month (and a brief report on how I did in October).


October Goals

  1. I signed up for a thanksgiving 5K. My goal – to finish it without hating myself, whatever that means for me that day. – Ummm – I don’t even know why this was an October goal. Thanksgiving is totally this month.
  2. I need to be mostly done with Eleanor book 4 by the end of the month. – Oops. Not even close. Not even half.
  3. Stay on top of book marketing and don’t back out because of “hard” or “fear.” – Not bad for a newbie!
  4. Find a way to forgive everyone who made me angry cry today due to the colossal fuck-up that happened with my Bean’s after-school care situation. Note: this might be the hardest. Note 2: I think everything’s figured out. It was only two hours of Wednesday panic on my part. – This is so in that past. SUCCESS!
  5. Continue to eat 3x/day and get to bed by 11 on work nights. Work on popping out of bed a little faster in the morning. Meditate (with the bean). Moisturize. Self-care. – Eating = SUCCESS! Bed time = FAIL! Meditation & Moisturize & Self-Care = FAIL!

So – not that great.

November Goals

  1. Hit 90K words on Eleanor 4
  2. Finish all editing projects on time
  3. Find one new editing client
  4. Move 30 minutes every day
  5. Find a way to be present and let go of stress before I have a nervous breakdown


*Bean is okay. We are all okay. But sometimes life is hard, yo.

Meh Monday 

The last seven days have been a rollercoaster. The ups – The Ruby Blade has finally come out! – and downs – so much anxiety I can hardly stand it and a fuckton of stuff that I can’t talk about now (maybe someday) – have left me in a place that’s difficult to people from. 

Three books in eight months is not bad at all.

Now is when I cancel plans with vague excuses (not feeling well, etc) to avoid the additional stress of having to interact with other human beings. There are very few people with whom I enjoy spending any sort of time when I feel like this. Very few might actually be one people. 

I’m going to try to pull my life back together this week. For me that means finishing two major editing projects, writing 15k words on Book 4, and eating regularly. 

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my sweet boy dressed as Jean-Luc Picard. 

He’s wearing light saber shoes and Darth Vader pants and his star fleet shirt is hiding a Superman t-shirt. #nerd