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Three Things Thursday

Hi from Puerto Vallarta! It’s been a lovely, very hot vacation. Except for yesterday. Yesterday was no bueno. Yesterday, my Fitbit said I walked less than 500 steps. All those steps were the 18 steps round trip from my bed to the bathroom. Yeah. It was that kind of day. Today is moderately better. I have already gone more than 5 times as far! Gooooo me!

Anyway – your three things are three (times two) pictures from Mexico. None of the pictures are from yesterday. You’re welcome.

View from the room

BANANA tree outside our rooms

Beachside beers in Puerto Vallarta

Lovecraftian sculpture (one of many)

Another of several gorgeous boardwalk sculptures. So many plot bunnies hopping around in my brain now…


(BTW – if you’re going to be sick in a foreign country, I absolutely recommend having the Beer Guy along. He took such great care of me yesterday.)

(I mean, you can’t have the beer guy every time any of you are traveling. I need him from time to time. Someone has to reach the stuff on the top shelf.)

Beach feet!

Three Things Thursday: Random Shit


  1. I’ve been having the most bizarre dreams lately. I’m not gonna share them all (THIS IS A FAMILY BLOG, in that people in my family read it), but last night I dreamed I went on a bender of epic proportions and drank all the wine. ALL OF IT. When my alarm went off this morning, I pried my eyes open, tasted that disgusting hangover tongue taste, and could tell I was going to be wicked hungover. I was so mad at myself for getting completely and totally wasted on a weeknight. It took me at least five minutes to get over my fear of hangover and realize that it was just a dream. I’d had about 1/2 glass of wine last night.

  2. When I finally did manage to drag myself out of bed this morning, happily hangover free, it looked like there’d been some kind of natural disaster in the house. I don’t know who Rupurrt Giles’s dealer is, but I’d really like him to stop giving the kitten whatever it is that makes him go on a rock-star-destroying-a-hotel-room rampage in the middle of the night. Broken mirrors, coasters everywhere, roll of paper towel reduced to its post ticker-tape parade level of existence. THE KITTEN DOES NOT NEED UPPERS, OKAY?

    The only time he sits still is when he’s on my keyboard.


  3. I used to have a pink unicorn onesie. Alas! It because too holy for everyday use (made my atheistic soul-heh-uncomfortable). I’d made my peace with the unicorn gods until last weekend when Amazon suggested I would be interested in a unicorn hoodie. It was getting colder. The rain was coming. Autumn REQUIRES cozy hoodies, and I require unicorn things. So, in a moment (this moment is currently on year 26) of weakness, I bought the unicorn hoodie. It arrived yesterday, I spent the entire evening in my hoodie, either frightening or amusing the food delivery person (either way, I win).

September 2017 – Goals

Every once in a while, I like to pretend I’m going to resurrect my habit of setting (and achieving) monthly goals. This is one of those months. I’ll try to remember to report back. I’ve got a busy fucking month ahead of me, and I need to be clear about what I’m doing. So, my goals, in mostly chronological order are:

  1. Pick my son up from his very last day of preschool ever. Take a picture. Don’t cry. (9/1)
  2. Finish all my last pre-editor edits on The Ruby Blade and get that sucker to my editor. (9/2)
  3. Drink champagne. (9/2)
  4. Make an apple pie with the Bean, because he wants to make one for the beer guy’s parents who are visiting. (9/3)
  5. Drop my boy off at his first day of Kindergarten. Take pictures. Don’t cry. (9/5)
  6. Edit a book for a new client (early Sept)
  7. Get my skin checked to make sure there’s no suspicious activity (9/11)
  8. Meet with new personal trainer and get new workout schedule set up (9/12)
  9. Write 45K words on Eleanor #4 (sekrit goal is 60K – which is 15K/week and my current average, but see all busy-ness)
  10. Write 2 chapters on my Raj novella
  11. Survive the beer guy’s 2.5 week trip to Belgium (I mean, obviously, I’ll survive, but, you know…)
  12. Keep on top of my day job stuff
  13. Write outlines for the first three books in my new series coming out about this time next year and conspire with my cover artist
  14. Turn around my article edits SUPAH FAST
  15. Write 4 chapters on SUPER SEKRIT PROJECT
  16. Actually sleep? I guess?
  17. Start meditating in the mornings again, which means
  18. Start getting up at 5:30 am again, which means
  19. In bed & asleep by 10:45 on school nights
  20. I really want a 20th goal, but couldn’t think of one, so how about a picture of a cat? (I also really want to show you a picture of my arm at the Nexplanon insertion site, because it’s HORRIFIC, but I won’t do that, either.)


Writerly Wednesday

The Waning Moon cover went out to my newsletter subscribers. If you don’t want to wait until next week to see it, you can sign up (check the side bar!) now. You’ll get access to the Raj serial (I really need a title) and I’ll send you the cover!

Next week on Writerly Wednesday, I’ll have the public cover reveal as well as links to the presale! (I’m anticipating a busy weekend…good thing I have a ton of other things planned as well!)

If you read The Cardinal Gate and aren’t related to me, I’d really appreciate it if you’d head over to Amazon and leave me a review.

Unrelated: I went to the NKOTB Total Package concert last night and had so much fun, but now my voice hurts and I’m tired and old.

Worth it though. That is Joey McIntyre and my hand.

Motivation Monday

I’m feeling pretty good about this upcoming week. I was in bed by 10:30 last night (which is my goal time), and although I didn’t get up when I was supposed to this morning (I got so little sleep Saturday night that my body tried to make up for it last night), I still got up, managed to get me and the bean off to school/work while remembering both of our lunches and my coffee (which I invariably forget either at home or in my car [I drive to Bean’s preschool and leave my car there while I take the bus into work]).

My “free gift with purchase of school pics” seemed kinda silly, but I love it. That little face.

Anyone who’s spent any time with me knows that I have a spreadsheet addiction problem passion. When I track my daily movement, I move more. Well, sometimes. May was the first month that I hit my average daily movement goals and I doubled my yoga classes for the year. I also started tracking my food again and for some reason, lost 3 lbs and (according to my smart scale) 5% body fat. It’s not as much as I would’ve liked (because really, I’d like to wake up tomorrow back to my 2009 marathon shape), but it’s certainly a start!

2008/2009 Amy

I’ve been reading a lot of self-help lately. Partially, because I think I can always be better, and partially because I’m trying to figure out how to reinstate good habits, make myself more efficient, and fix the parts of my personality that I’m less fond of. (I am motivated as all get out to do the things that are externally imposed – I will get my work done at my day job, and if one of my clients sends me an article to edit/proof, I will crank that shit out before you can say “I don’t need it until next week.” But my own stuff? Unless I’ve set a deadline with someone else, it doesn’t get done. Which is why that’s the first thing I did with my current editor. [Speaking of which…Colleen – I’m gonna need a new deadline for Eleanor #3.])

Indian khanda sword…

Speaking of Eleanor, I sent my final manuscript to my proofreader yesterday and the final blurb to my cover artist last night. I have the paperback wrap and all the graphics for the book done and ready to go! As a reminder, newsletter subscribers will get the cover reveal this week, and the public reveal will happen next week. Pre-order links will go up next week, too. (There may or may not also be an exciting contest announcement next week! Stay tuned!)

Have a great week, everyone! It’s publication month! Woo!

Eleanor is watching you.