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Four Things Friday – Regrets, I’ve had a few

Because I missed yesterday.

1. I really regret getting my annual flu shot the day before my first tennis lesson. I was hopeful that we wouldn’t be learning backhands last night, but alas! We were all so good with the forehand that we transitioned right into the backhand, too. I’m not sure my arms will go above shoulder level at this point. Ow.

2. I am working from home today, but without the constant chatter/trouble-making from the Bean, it’s all weird. Weirdly productive! I miss him, though. He cried today when I dropped him off. Not really a regret, and I only kinda wish he’d stayed small enough to stay put.

3. I do totally regret that I haven’t yet become independently wealthy. I would love to be NOT working right now and be haring off in the woods or something. It’s a gray, misty day, and I love it.

4. I regret a little bit that I work in a position that is almost entirely funded by the indirects received from NIH grants. Because apparently, not only can Americans not have affordable healthcare (I’ve worked jobs that didn’t offer health insurance and was unable to get insured affordably due to a pre-existing condition; healthcare shouldn’t be the privilege of the wealthy and/or lucky), they can’t have research to make health care better and more effective. GROW UP, Congress. The law passed, was upheld by the Supreme Court, Obama was re-elected AFTER the Affordable Care Act was passed, and 40+ attempts to repeal it have failed. Stop pissing in the sandbox and put the government back together.

Ahem…POLITICS! (I do not regret voting for Obama, beeteedubs… Also, am curious as to how a group of people who want to outlaw what women can do with their reproductive systems but want the government to NOT be involved with helping people get access to affordable care? Yeah. Whatever. Consistency not the strong suit there.)


ANYWAYS – I am sore. I am productive, but missing my little guy. I am not rich. And I’m a little upset about the whole gov’t shut-down thing.


Darwin regrets skipping his 10 am nap. Politics is exhausting.

Darwin regrets skipping his 10 am nap. Politics is exhausting.

A Day of Some Significance

I know that not everyone in the country is thrilled about today. I have heard people say (snarkily) that this is a coronation, not an inauguration. Which is silly, I think – just because some people are excited about the new president doesn’t make us want a king (any more than George W. supporters really wanted him to be king, I’m assuming)! I am only really excited about royalty from other countries.

I am excited about today, though. I honestly thought the last 8 years took the country in a completely wrong direction – between the unwarranted wiretapping & the “interrogation techniques” – things really got scary bad. I don’t know how much of the current economy I can blame on the last president, but I do feel that the wars that we’re in right now might have something to do with the administration of Ex-President Bush.

I don’t think he’s evil, but I think he is petty & that he surrounded himself with a lot of people with questionable moral character.

I think that President Obama will have a hard time living up to the almost unrealistic expectations that many people have – but I think that the one thing he gave a lot of people was the hope that he talked about so much on the campaign trail.

Even if President Obama is never anything more than a mediocre leader, I think that his influence will go further – he’s made a lot of people excited & he got a lot of people to vote FOR someone, rather than against someone else. He is a charismatic man who can speak in complete articulate sentences, and maybe this makes me a bit of an elitist (I also like arugula and won’t drink macrobrews), but I like that he seems smart. I think it will take a smart man to get this country back on the right track.

And I, for one, am excited to see what happens over the next few years.

Congratulations, President Obama! I hope to toast your presidency tonight, if I ever get home from work.

And you thought there was no such thing as karma….

Ann Coulter breaks jaw, has it wired shut.

I just can’t stop smiling about that one. It’s so delicious!


Oh yeah, bitches – we have porn.

Brief foray back into political blogging

Last night, the debate made me angry. And, as I previously shared, every time I got angry, I took a drink. By the end, I was a little inebriated.

Nothing, though, made me so angry as John McCain’s cavalier dismissal of women by using air quotes around “health of the mother” as a reason to get an abortion. Also – being called pro-abortion is ridiculous.

But – someone else already said it better than I did. Go read this now.  Seriously. Get out of here.