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Eleanor Morgan and the Case of the Noisy Chimney Koalas

I slept poorly last night. I was restless and plagued with weird dreams. We currently have a family of birds who’ve built a nest in our chimney and the babies are newly hatched and loud AF.

Because the bird noise is near constant right now, it’s invaded my subconscious, and last night I dreamed opened up the fireplace and found: two dozen hummingbirds, some rabbits, a hawk of some kind, baby owls, opossums, raccoons, stray cats, and a koala.

Hopefully, I’ll get more sleep tonight and the baby birds can adequately learn to fly in our chimney so they can get the hell out and we can make a chimney hat or whatever to keep future critters out.


I spent a lot of time with The Ruby Blade over the weekend. Saturday was definitely my most productive day, with Friday coming in second. Yesterday was not so great. I finally managed to get things moving in late afternoon when my friend RJ started bribing me. Every 500 words, I got another page from her current WIP. It was very effective!

I’m hoping that one more week of focused, intense work, and I’ll be able to wrap this draft up and send it to my beta readers only a week late.

This weekend’s writing supervisor is checking my work.



I feel like I haven’t had much time with my kiddo lately. He’s been at his dad’s since last Wednesday (the 26th), and the previous weekend, he was at the coast with his grandma. The Beer Guy and I got out there for one night, but it feels like it’s been too long since I’ve gotten an adequate amount of Alvie Bean snuggles. I can’t wait to pick him up tonight and I’m even more excited to spend the weekend with him. (Please remind me of this at 3:30 pm on Saturday when I’m updating my Etsy listing because he never. stops. talking.)


I actually had a wonderfully productive weekend, even beyond the writing. I did menu-planning and got groceries for the week (although I know we’ll have to restock the bananas midweek), went to pick up my new glasses, got my car washed and the oil changed, got a massage, and brought some of my books to a local book store where they are currently on sale. In addition, I’ll be doing a book reading and signing there on August 10 at 7 pm. If you come, you can ask me anything, buy paperbacks of my books, and get them signed. I’ll also try to convince you to come have a beer with me after (my treat).

Meh. And also blah. With a side of blech. (And way too much TMI)

I’ve been so, so good at staying dairy free. SO GOOD! And on those rare occasions when I’ve broken down and had a cheese item, I’ve doubled-up on the lactaid. The result? My stomach has been much more pleased with me the last few months.

Enter Saturday: I was out and about much of the day. I had a tattoo consult, and an eye doctor appointment, and other random stuff. I stopped for lunch at about one, and even though I texted the Beer Guy that I would cheerfully kill someone for a melted cheese food item, I had no intention of following through (with either the murder or the cheese).

Instead, I ordered a meat pasty. (I literally just typed “cheese pasty” and had to go delete. I am obsessed with cheese.) It was delicious. I felt a little off that evening, but attributed it to having skipped breakfast (mostly) and it being several hours since my 100% cheese-free lunch. The beer guy & I went out to eat, and I ordered my wrap sans dairy, but continued to feel not quite right.

The next morning (yesterday), I woke up and was miserable. I told the beer guy that I felt like I’d eaten cheese, but couldn’t figure out how that’d happened. After all, I’d been so careful. And then I looked up the menu for the place I’d gotten my pasty to prove how careful I was. Second listed ingredient on the menu item I ordered? FUCKING SWISS CHEESE. How I missed that when ordering is beyond me.

So yeah. Yesterday was a barrel of fun. It’s really depressing that cheese–the one food item to which I have devoted more time and energy (and money; I have a lot of cheese making apparati)–has betrayed me this way.


ANYWAY – finally my stomach ache went away, and I was all yay! AND THEN THERE WAS FURTHER BETRAYAL.

My left ovary tried to kill me. It was so evil that, after a vicodin, I decided it needed a name. I googled “evil name generator” and the first name on the list was Cat.

As you may or may not know, Cat is also the name of my PSM. Obviously, I texted her immediately to know I’d named my evil left ovary after her. (I’m not sure if she hasn’t responded because of the time difference or because she’s just backing away from our friendship slowly or because she hasn’t seen it yet.)

(I also texted her that I was planning on becoming a vicodin addict, which is probably no longer true as I had a really hard time falling asleep last night, but also couldn’t get out of bed to do anything else.)

So, long and extremely TMI story short – my body hates me and wants me to die. My left ovary is named Cat. Cheese is my best frenemy. I’m probably going to name my right ovary Xyla. The jury’s still out on what I’m going to name my uterus.

My goal for this week is to remain cheese free and be as active as Amy-ly possible, whilst also getting at least 12-15K words down. I need to finish this rewrite by the end of the month so The Ruby Blade can get to my editor in *gulp*   six weeks. That sounds like such a long time, but it really, really isn’t. (PS, if you would like to give me a great deal of money to stay home and write, I would appreciate it!)

Indian khanda sword…

Yay! Friday!

After not sleeping much last weekend and a whirlwind week of author giveaways on Facebook, plus my current promotion (you can still get The Cardinal Gate for freeeeeee on Amazon), I’m ready for the weekend.

You know, when things slow down!


Tomorrow is set to be pretty busy. I need to dig deep into rewrites of The Ruby Blade so I can get it to my editor in just over a month. (ACK!) I need to run. I have a tattoo cover-up consult. An eye doctor appointment. I need to drop off books at the bookstore that’s going to put MY BOOKS on the shelf. For people to buy!

So – this is me, asking for a wee tiny favor. If you read my books, regardless of how you personally felt about them, could you head over to Amazon and give them a review? (Honestly, I’d even be thrilled with a 1-star review on the Cardinal Gate, because I’m missing that one, and I want a full set!)


Three Things Thursday

  1. The Cardinal Gate is free on Amazon today and tomorrow! Go forth and grab your copy while you can!

  2. The Summer Time Lovin’ book giveaway is still going on. So many exciting gift baskets (mine will go up tomorrow!) still available to win.

  3. Instead of working on rewrites of The Ruby Blade, I’m diving deep into “It’s Not in the Cards,” the first in my Oracle series set on the Oregon coast. FYI – this is all my evil editor’s fault. Somehow. (I’m a writer, I’ll figure out a way to justify that eventually.)

Writerly Wednesday: The Waning Moon

I promise that some day, I won’t have an entire week of Waning Moon related blog posts. That week will be next week. This week? All Eleanor Morgan all the time!

So, as I may or may not have mentioned, I had a book release yesterday!


Ummm…so words! And things! I spent the day super not constantly refreshing my sales page. *pinky swear*

FINE. Lies. I refreshed constantly.

And then?

There was pink champagne!

How else do you celebrate a summer book release?

This book release was just as stressful as last one. I had this weird expectation that it would be easier this time around.


Anyway. I enjoyed my champagne while I absolutely did not refresh A LOT.

You know you want to keep me in mid-priced champagne, so buy my books! Support your starving (that’s an exaggeration; I have a day job) writer.

I’m looking forward to digging into Eleanor’s third book. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the rewrites, and need to add a few thousand words to get through it. (There’s a lot of Raj in book 3. A lot.)

In other news – my newsletter comes out later today! There’s Raj (Chapter 4), a Waning Moon brew review, an announcement about a fun summer event I’m doing with some other awesome authors, and upcoming release announcements. (Sign up in the sidebar!)

Thanks for hanging with me for the last years, the book publishing, and the blog transition.


It was good champagne.