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Writerly Wednesday: The Waning Moon updates

I am deep in edit world – trying to incorporate feedback received from 3/5 of my beta readers. (The other 2/5: you know who you are…menacing glare…)

One of the fun comments I received from perpetual first reader and PSM, Cat, is “you super hated relationships…when you wrote this.”

(Spoiler: I wrote this in 2014-2015 and I was not, as she mentioned, in a good place relationship-wise.) (Apologies in advance, readers who enjoy romantic love stories.)

This means that I’m skewing away from PNR and more towards urban fantasy (but sexy urban fantasy, because Raj…).

Picture of Sendhil Ramamurthy, inspiration for Raj

Oh, Raj…

I promise that there will be an HEA for Eleanor. Eventually.

(This also means I’m not in a kill-count competition with Colleen Vanderlinden. Must up my game. She is very murdery.)

I got a peek at the “close to finished” cover for The Waning Moon and it is going to be amazing! Here is the tiniest little peek for you…

Eleanor's head with a crescent moon behind her

Just a draft, but squeeeee!

Things are on schedule, and I’m still anticipating a June release date. I’ll have this to my editor in about a week, and when I get her revisions back, I’ll have a better idea of exact timing. Once that happens, I’ll set my release date in stone, get a cover reveal date set, put everything up for pre-order, and inform my legions of adoring fans!

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of The Cardinal Gate, there’s still time! It’s available exclusively on Amazon right now (including Kindle Unlimited). In addition, if you want more Raj (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more Raj?), you can sign up for my newsletter. Raj’s origin story and his first millennia of shenanigans is being released through my newsletter in serial format. When you sign up, I’ll send you the first chapter to get you caught up!

As always, if you’ve read, I would really, really appreciate it if you would take the time to review it on Amazon (and Goodreads, too, if you’re so inclined). Thank you!

I’m starting on edits for the third book in the series immediately following getting The Waning Moon to the editor. I’m not set yet on the title…but have a sneaking suspicion there’s going to be a lot  of rewrites on this one (the hazards of writing three books in a row before editing the first means that things often have gone off in a weird direction), but am committed to getting it out 3-4 months after The Waning Moon. Fair warning: Book the third is going to be a whole lotta Raj…

And now – back to work for me!


Writerly Wednesday: when I’m not writing fiction…

I’ve spent the last few days balancing my personal projects (writing some new things, editing some existing things, and trying to figure out how to coerce strangers to buy my things) with applying for freelance jobs.

I did a freelance editing job for a screenplay pitch last month for a former colleague who is co-writing a screenplay in Sweden, and have done several academic editing/proofreading jobs. If you want to pay someone to edit your papers for content and formatting, I’m your person. I’m familiar with MLA, APA, AMA, and Chicago Manual of Style.

My rates are reasonable, my skills are first rate, and my turnaround time is (almost) whatever you need it to be.


I’m hard at work on Raj’s novella and should have that wrapped up in a couple of weeks. Chapters for that will continue to go out in the monthly newsletter, so if you haven’t already, sign up now!

Oh, Raj…


I have openings for book reviews over the next couple months, but they’re filling quickly. Hit me up if you want me to review your book!


My current writing process is all over the place. Between prepping The Cardinal Gate for publication and then moving directly into cramming The Waning Moon’s editing into a very short period of time, I feel like I’ve been pretty consistently busy for the last two months. I’ve been doing a little less work this week than the last, but am ready to kick it up a notch or three again starting next week.

BAM! says tiny Emeril

What that means for me is that I hole up in the office (currently I’m writing on the couch, surrounded by cats) sans phone and turn off the wifi on my computer. I work in 25 minute bursts (with five-minute breaks). No email, no Facebook, no silly phone procrastination games except during breaks.

Clowns to the left of me

Jokers to the right…


This week, though? All about marketing, education, recharging, resting, and looking for money. (You’d think with all Portland’s rainbows, I’d be able to find at least one pot of gold.)



Monday Miscellany

So much stuff stirring around in my brain right now. SO MUCH. That means bullet points for you!

  • Every time I start to exercise regularly–and I mean every fucking time–I get sick. I have head congestion and a runny nose, which makes it impossible to run because I like to breathe. Breathing while running is hard enough when I feel great. JFC, universe!! Do you want me to be fat and lazy? Because that would be easier for me, and if that’s what my destiny is, I can go ahead and give in.
  • I’m going to do some gentle, non-inversiony yoga today. The purpose is to remind my muscles that we do like to move a bit and keep the habit of carving time out of my day to exercise.
  • BUT SERIOUSLY! WTF‽‽‽ This is monumentally unfair.
  • Other important things: I desperately need a job. If you want to pay me money, let me know. I’ll do anything! (Although, I’d prefer to edit or write or proofread. I’ve done a little bit of those things freelance, and would enjoy doing more.) However, if you need someone to do the weird stuff, I can do that, too.

  • After finishing up the edits (and cutting 25,000 words) on The Waning Moon, I decided to reward myself with a little gaming. I’m not much of a gamer (anymore), but there are a few things I like. It’d been a while since I’d played on my PC (I don’t even use the PC for anything–it just sits around getting dusty and storing old photos of the Bean), and it was a PITA to get everything set up. BUT, finally Saturday evening post Bean bedtime, I was in and playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve killed some stuff, which is a nice break from writing all day where I also have been killing.

  • The Bean and I have been making bread every weekend he’s here. He’s becoming such a great helper (and I’m almost sincere about that now!) and really enjoys kitchen stuff.


  • He’ll be five in less than two weeks, and I’m not sure I’m ready. It’s fun watching him grow up and become his own person, but he’s almost too big for me to pick up (I need him to ‘jump’ when I pick him up), and carry, and hold–although we do our best. He’s been extra cuddly lately, and I’m taking advantage of that as much as possible. I know there will come a day when he doesn’t want me to hold him anymore.

  • This week’s focus is getting the crap stuff having to do with The Waning Moon done–synopsis and blurb. It took 130,000 words to tell the story originally–how am I expected to break that down to a couple pages, much less a couple paragraphs? Once I talk about coffee and tacos, I’m out of space!
  • The first newsletter went out last week with an exclusive peek at one of my favorite amusing bits from The Waning Moon, as well as the first chapter of Raj’s story. Sign up now to learn more about our favorite vampire!
  • If you’ve read The Cardinal Gate and are so inclined, I’d be delighted and grateful if you’d review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.
  • Of course, if you haven’t read The Cardinal Gate, I’d be even more delighted and grateful if you did! (It’s available on Amazon in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.)


That’s about enough miscellany for today. Have a great week!


Writerly Wednesday: Self-Promotion Edition

The inaugural issue (volume 1, issue 1) of my newsletter will be hitting newsstands (or, more accurately, inboxes) in a couple of hours. In this month’s issue, you’ll find an exclusive excerpt from The Waning Moon as well as the first chapter of Raj’s novella.

I’ll send out a new chapter of Raj’s story every month and then, when they’re all out, I’ll compile them and release as an ebook. His novella will cover the three most pivotal time periods in his life: the demise of his kingdom and his transition into undeath, the fall of Constantinople and how he’s directly responsible for Dracula himself, and the havoc he wreaked in Scandinavia in the 17th century.


I finished up my readable draft of The Waning Moon last Sunday night and sent it off to my beta readers. Other than vague threats from my PSM regarding something that hasn’t even happened, things are mostly quiet on the eastern front (they’re all much, much further east than me…).


Work on the cover art for The Waning Moon has begun. I’m really excited to see what Skyla comes up with this time! She’s amazing and I know it’ll be fantastic.


If you’ve read and enjoyed The Cardinal Gate (and we don’t have the same last name), I’d really appreciate an Amazon review! I can’t legally offer you compensation for this, but if I get to 50 reviews, I’d send you a picture of my boobs, or a picture of a pie, or an actual pie if there were no shipping charges involved.


I’ve started my Pinterest board for The Waning Moon. If you want to see what Raj, Finn, Florence, and Isaac look like in my head, you should come on over! There’s also setting photos so you can get a sneak peek of where the action will be taking place in book 2!


Last item! My book review slots are quickly filling up for the next few months. If you have a book release between now and the end of July and want me to review it on the blog, use the form below to get it scheduled!

Hitting the refresh button on my brain

I wrapped up my draft of The Waning Moon last night and sent it to my beta readers. Fortunately for me, one of them was traveling for work today and got through the first five chapters on the plane this morning! (shout out to Nichole!)

Timeline Aside: I finished The Cardinal Gate in December 2013. I finished the second draft in the summer of 2015. I sent it to an editor in September 2016. This is not the ideal turnaround time for a series if I want to keep people interested! (I wrote this book in the summer of 2014, but did the second draft in 2.5 weeks…so progress?)

This week, I’ll write the blurb (ugh) and a synopsis (double ugh) for The Waning Moon and start working with my cover artist.

Newsletter will go out Wednesday with an exclusive excerpt from The Waning Moon as well as the first chapter of Raj’s story.

I’m excited to do some writing again! Raj’s story needs to be finished and I have a new book to outline and write so I can use my Iceland research!

Today, though…today is about recharging my overtaxed brain cells. I headed up to the trails to get a little bit dirty. I ran in the general vicinity of the first gate–Forest Park where Eleanor spent so much of her time!


PS – If you haven’t yet, head over to Amazon to see the fantastic reviews The Cardinal Gate has received – and leave one of your own!