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I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t continue gazing at my own navel, looking for more fluff. I feel like the questions were all the same. So, instead of just admitting that I wasn’t doing it & moving on to blog about the stuff I normally blog about, I decided to avoid.

Which (please forgive a last bit of navel gazing here), is actually a huge problem I need to work on.

When something seems unpleasant, even if the unpleasantness will last only a moment, I tend to avoid. Until the problem completely grows & expands & is no longer a tiny bandage that needs to be ripped off, but is now a nasty, scabby wound (at least in my imagination) that will require surgical intervention. (Sorry about the gross analogy – my foot hurts today).

SO – anyways – I am going to not reverb anymore. Unless something completely catches my eye. Which, since I think in the first half of the month I gazed at every last bit of lint in my navel, seems unlikely.


In good news – I completed week 1, day 1 of the couch to 5K program, and although I was a wee bit sore after, it wasn’t so bad.

Tomorrow will be shoesday & then the latest brew review will be posted this week as well.

Also tomorrow? Solstice. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for it – I am ready for some lengthening days, people!

So – back to normal around here!

Reverb Writing Prompt #15: 5 Minutes

To be honest, even I, navel-gazer supreme, am getting a wee bit tired of all the navel gazing. I’m all about introspection, but this is getting too much. There need to be more fun questions (like that awesome party one). I would love to see more “describe some wacky thing” prompts. I’m starting to feel like they’re all asking the exact same thing. BUT – I am not a quitter (much to your dismay, I suspect). SO – ONWARDS & UPWARDS!


Prompt: 5 minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Author: Patti Digh
Creative is a Verb: If You’re Alive, You’re Creative

  • Trail running
  • Birthday bloody marys
  • Terwilliger Tuesdays
  • Naked santa party
  • Making lefse
  • Spectating the Eugene marathon
  • Brew Reviews
  • Distillery Tour
  • The architect’s 40th birthday party
  • 4th of July barbeque
  • Planting trees with Friends of Trees
  • Rooftop birthday parties in the Pearl
  • Drinks at the Vault
  • Book club discussions
  • Swimming lessons
  • My second OWS of the season (I’m really okay forgetting the first one)
  • Yoga in the park
  • Birthday lunch at VQ
  • The architect getting a job (even if it’s not the one he wants)
  • Waterfront runs with a stormy sky
  • Banks Vernonia Trail
  • Helvetia Tavern after the Banks Vernonia Trail
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Halloween Spooktacular
  • Martinis & oysters overlooking Puget Sound
  • Astoria B&B Anniversary trip
  • Camping in the deluge near Mt. Jefferson
  • Cheesemaking with friends
  • Canning classes
  • Fuck dill! pickles
  • Homemade salsa
  • Sitting on the patio with the architect, drinking white wine, and looking at the garden
  • Leisure Happy Hours

And that’s it for five minutes. I’m sure there are things that I would be sad about not remembering, but since the amnesia is imminent, I won’t know for too long!

Fortunately, I have such a great husband & such a great group of friends, that I will be able to continue making some fantastic memories & I know 2011 will be even better!

Reverb Writing Prompt #14: Appreciate

Prompt: Appreciate. What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

Author: Victoria Klein
27 Things to Know About Yoga


This is easy! In the last year, I have come to appreciate my body and what it can do for me. I spent a lot of time having to take care of the rogue foot, and I realized how much I had taken for granted everything I was doing previously.

Oh, I want to go run 5 miles? Okay. No big.

I’d like to go for a bike ride? That’s pretty easy. Shoes, helmet, padded shorts, go!

I want to wear stilettos and meet some friends for happy hour? Which pair do I choose?

All that changed when Damian arrived. Shoes were difficult. Running was difficult. Towards the end of summer, even standing was difficult at times.

Now, as I’m slowly making my way back to previous levels of activity (I was on the trainer for 30 minutes last night, bitches!), I am realizing how happy this all makes me. I am not going to lie, people, when I finished my walk/run last Friday (at which point I ran 1 mile, in case you missed that news), I was so ecstatic with my 1 mile that I almost cried. Seriously. It was close to the level of emotion I had when finishing the marathon (although, fortunately, not the same level of pain & exhaustion).

The swimming has been a revelation.

And tonight? A real-live yoga class.

I am sure that sometime in the future, I will go back to taking all of the things for granted that my body can do effortlessly (most of the time), but I am working really hard at appreciating it all right now.

Reverb Writing Prompt #13: Action

Prompt: Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

Author: Scott Belsky
Making Ideas Happen


Wait – it’s not just good enough to have grandiose ideas?

I have plans (and spreadsheets) for a lot of the things that need to happen.

Some things I can make happen (i.e. paying off the last vestiges of debt), some I can’t (getting my fabulous new job with all my dream requirements), but I can work towards. And that’s what I’m doing. Determining which is which and making sure that I am ready to take advantage of opportunities that come my way.

I know what I’m looking for. I have schedules. I just need to remain patient and open to possibility.

So – my action is mostly preparation. But that is a very good place to start.

Reverb Writing Prompt #12: Body integration

Prompt: Body integration. This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn’t mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present?

Author: Patrick Reynolds
The Knowledge Workers Survival Guide



This has not been a very good year for body integration. Most of the year, I felt as though I was fighting with my body. There weren’t very many times when I did feel that I was a cohesive ME. The only two times I can think of involved runs (of course). The first – in February – a run on the Banks Vernonia trail. It was perfect weather. Perfect temperature. And 13 great miles that flew by.

The second was in July. I hadn’t run much for months, and went for a 3 mile trail run. Everything came together. I had no pain, and no real awareness of anything but running. It was almost magical. My 3 miles turned into 5.5, and although I was sore the next day, it was still one of the best runs of the year.

One of the things I’d like to work on in 2011 is having many, many more instances of mind & body integration. I would like to feel a lot more whole, a lot more often. I think that my goals of more yoga & more meditation, as well as a lot more trail running, should take help with that.