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Happy Blogiversary to Gazelles on Crack!

Just over ten years ago (ten years and a couple weeks), I published my very first post on this blog.

Gazelles on Crack is turning 10!

Gazelles on Crack is turning 10!

I’d been blogging for a while – first on Xanga (gosh, it’s really too bad that I am unable to locate those posts…too bad indeed) and then later on LiveJournal. That apparently does still exist. I even appear to still have ten friends left on LJ.

I don’t remember why I decided to switch over to my own blogging platform. Probably because so many cool people blogged and I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m certainly not as prolific now as I was ten years ago. I don’t even get the readership that I got ten years ago. But we’re still at it, even now.

In the past ten years, I’ve written 1,676 posts and received 7,123 comments.

I’ve written 480 posts about running and 173 about gin and cheese. That’s even more than the 166 posts I’ve written about my kid. (Gotta have priorities!)

Running and Bubbles!

Running and Bubbles!

I’ve written 100 posts about books, including book reviews and 158 about shoes.

book it

My posts are fairly evenly balanced (according to my tag cloud) among

  • Alvie Bean
  • Book Reviews
  • Exercise
  • Goals
  • Running
  • Shoes
It was my friend Margaret's Prada pumps that really got me hooked on beautiful shoes. Damn you, Margaret!

It was my friend Margaret’s Prada pumps that really got me hooked on beautiful shoes. Damn you, Margaret!

You’ve been here for my move from Los Angeles to Portland, for my wedding, for my adventures in domestic bad-assery and gardening, for the death of my father and the birth of my son, and for my next big adventure of moving out on my own sans architect.

Toasting the new house with an extravagant bottle of bubbly. #40before40

Toasting the new house with an extravagant bottle of bubbly. #40before40

Maybe you’re one of the readers who got here via a random internet search? Although the most popular search term on the day I’m writing this is “toe prosthetic”(?), the top ten overall search terms (that are not my actual blog name) are:

  1. Anthropophobia (still relevant – I’ll catch you up on Day 2 of Vegas: The Hiding soon)
  2. Spiders (legit)
  3. No Sleeping (It’s like you know me, google search engine!)
  4. Early Pr0n (Early in the morning? Pre-modern? Are we hoping for medieval pr0n? I NEED MORE INFORMATION!)
  5. Christina Ricci
  6. Dirty Hippie
  7. Beach Wedding Shoes
  8. Unicorn Bicycle
  9. I Suck
  10. The toaster is very loyal (This is my favorite)


Most of the rest of the top are variations on pr0ns and shoes (or combinations thereof. Like Salvadorian Shoe Pr0n.)

Must insert own pr0n

Must insert own pr0n

This may be less relevant, but the top three search terms for the last quarter are:

  1. Unicorn cut a bitch
  2. Accidental cleavage
  3. Cat maid outift
I actually thought this image search was going to be mainly cats. HAHAHAHA! No.

I actually thought this image search was going to be mainly cats. HAHAHAHA! No.

I approve of Google sending all of you my way. Welcome. Pull up a chair and pour yourself a gin.

2015-12-11 20.24.12


The top five posts ever are pretty much what you’d expect after seeing the popular search terms.

  1. Arach Attack!
  2. Anthropophobia
  3. Faux-lebrity Encounter
  4. (Spring Trends in) PR0N!!!; and oddly
  5. Product Review – Moji Knee Ice Pack

Disappointingly, none of my book reviews are more compelling than fear, fake Jennifer Grey, shoes, or (???) ice packs, although my 2015 wrap-up is pretty far up the list…

The best, really, are the friends I’ve made via blogging. There is no way to name them all, of course, but a few that I’ll mention are Eliza, Claire, Meri, Steph, Kristine, Jessica, Erika, Amy, the PBRs, and certainly not least, my PSM Cat. Through Cat I’ve met a lot of other people, and the network keeps expanding and expanding.

This is my bff, Thor the Thunder thug. And also my psm, Cat. She is not, as far as I know, the thunder anything.

This is my bff, Thor the Thunder thug. And also my psm, Cat. She is not, as far as I know, the thunder anything.

So thanks, readers.  Thanks for ten years of reading, commenting, sending me pictures of shoes, helping me discover new books and authors and websites that will help me waste time, and most of all for sharing my life.

Thanks for a great 10 years!

Thanks for a great 10 years!





Not enough coffee in the world

Last night I slept worse than I’ve slept in ages. Which is good in that I’ve mostly been sleeping better lately but bad in that apparently my body is no longer adept at functioning on <4 hours of sleep.


A combination of a Saturday night allergic reaction plus a rather haphazard approach to food and drugs on Sunday was mostly to blame, I think. It is almost 10 am and I feel like I’ve been awake for four days instead of four hours.

HOWEVER – that is not what I’m here to tell you. If I blogged every time I was having insomnia, I’d probably be a lot more prolific in this space.

I am here to remind you that this week is my BIRTHDAY! And you know what that means, right?

french 75

That’s right, it’s national gin week. (Ha! Who am I kidding? Every week is national gin week.)

It also means that it’s very nearly time to reveal my 40 before 40 list that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. I have some big plans for the last year in my 30s. (Although a friend told me on Saturday that, “[he didn’t] think anyone would guess [I was] over 35…[I] still look barely 30.”

Obviously that friend is now my new favorite person in all the land and probably deserves some kind of gin-based payment.



I’m hoping/planning on starting to post more in just over a week. More book reviews, writing updates, random goal-oriented posts, and possibly even some long-overdue shoe porn.

The world needs more of this.

The world needs more of this.


In the meantime, you can expect an exciting (for me) post on Wednesday and then regular contact will resume in a couple weeks or less. I’ve gotta start preparing everyone for the big event in April…

Gazelles on Crack is turning 10!

Gazelles on Crack is turning 10!

Time for a Shoeneral


Earlier this month, I was walking down the hallway outside of my office and something felt…odd. I took an experimental step and the oddness persisted. I looked down. I raised my foot. The sole of the shoe stuck with me, but the heel did not.

Alas! My favorite summer sandals had died. My only consolation was that I did not fall down when the wedge cracked almost all the way through and the sole detached from the heel.


Shortly thereafter, I found out that the foot pain that had been plaguing me during and after runs and after a long day on my feet was likely a stress fracture. The doctor delicately suggested that with the history of foot issues I’ve had (foot surgery in 10/2006 on the same foot), maybe it would behoove me (heh) to stop wearing heels to work every day.

So, I need some cute flats. I know I said that almost four years ago, but I mean it now. There’s got to be cute, comfortable, work appropriate flats. I’m currently wearing my new purple running shoes everywhere, since I’m not actually doing any running.


So – thoughts on any of the below?

Coach Dorie

Coach Dorie


circus by sam edelman

circus by sam edelman


Anne Klein Jocelyne

Anne Klein Jocelyne


anne klein heida

anne klein heida


Any of you have a favorite, cute go-to flattish shoe you’d recommend?


Shoesday – Garden Party

And not just shoes. I am graduating in August (well, I have a diploma, so I guess I’m already graduated, but I’m walking at the ceremony in August) and I need a new fancy outfit to wear under my (likely) highly flammable gown & regalia.

Since I am celebrating at my home the next day, I can wear the same clothes twice!

So- this is what I’m thinking something like this:


kate spade new york ‘jada’ dress


With a hat!


And perhaps some new, summery shoes:

Prada Beaded Platform Sandal


And obviously, I’ll need a new bag:

Lanvin ‘Happy’ Glazed Leather Shoulder Bag


Oh, what’s that you say? You’re not supposed to spend more on your graduation attire than you did on your degree?

Well, maybe I’ll scale it back a bit, then!


What would you wear to a garden party? And, even more importantly, what would you serve?

Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. I am in the office today. Sans baby. Alvie Bean is spending the day with his daddy. I miss him like crazy. Next week, I have to go in 3 days (yay for mid week holidays!), and then after that, 4 days/week IN A ROW! I miss the little guy,  but it was nice being in the office today.

2. I wore pretty shoes to work today, and by the time I got to my office, I was already blistered. My feet have become totally wussified in the last year. I get blisters from running, walking, wearing heels – so lame! They need some serious training up!

3. Pumping in my office is weird. BUT – I am so glad that I have my own office.