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Three (3!) Things Thursday – Dude, Where’s my Car?

2015-09-17 06.27.25

  1. Yesterday was the first day of me giving up my two grand a year parking spot at work. I did a cost benefit analysis (because that’s how I make decisions…seriously…allĀ decisions need a spreadsheet workover) and determined that even if I still continued to drive and pay for parking twice a week, I would save a significant amount. Even if I drove the four days a week that I typically drive (and counting holidays and vacation days), I would save a small amount. A new light rail line has opened here in Portland and it has a stop even closer to my work than the parking lot that I was paying two freaking thousand dollars a year to park in. (The rates had jumped way up about a year ago, and I never really did the math…when I did, I was sad. It’s not like I live in Brooklyn or something. #psm)
    ANYWAY – new light rail line, blah blah blah. Where was I?
    Oh yes….I drove my car about four miles down the road to the nearest light rail station and parked.
  2. I took the MAX to work. It was about an hour from leaving home to arriving at my desk. That was a time difference of +10 minutes. A mileage on my car difference of -14 miles (theoretically, but I’ll get to that). I had plans last night with the local chapter of my secret society of warrior women (#bawgs!) so I took the bus! With the medication I’m on, I cannae drive after even one solitary drink, so busing to the bar and Uber-ing home seemed a good plan. Because she is awesome, and even though it was crazy out of the way, my sister-wife drove me home. Which was great. Now there’s just one tiny problem.
  3. I have a dentist appointment this morning fairly far away. I have no car, because, as you remember, mine is four miles away at the light rail station. I feel like I should run there or something, even though I only have two miles on the schedule today, but it’s pouring rain and I will not have time to shower and change after the dentist. Also, I’m almost positive that carrying my business casual in a tiny backpack as I run through the pouring rain would mean that I would be going for a sweaty, drowned rat, slightly damp attire, chic… Here’s hoping Uber has a car in the hood in about 45 minutes or it’s going to be an interesting morning.

I am, however – transportation problems aside – VERY happy that it’s Thursday…

2015-09-17 06.26.57


Three (3!) Things Thursday – the Return

  1. I am so excited about autumn, for all that it induces SAD. I love sweaters and tights and pumpkin spice everything and cooler weather. I am trying to make it autumn by dressing like it’s chilly, but Mother Nature is fucking with me.


  1. One of the things I love best about autumn is that it’s almost HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween. Love. I will start decorating as soon as I get back from New Orleans. I plan on feeling extra spooktacularly inspired after hanging out with the zombies and ghosts and vampires and other creatures of the night while there. In the meantime, I’m getting a head start by decorating my Chloe.
My office bestie

My office bestie

  1. Also, it’s costume time! As I’m sure you know, last year I was a fucking Valkyrie ice queen: shield maiden and chooser of the slain! This year, I am going with a different pantheon but a similar idea. My sister-wife (I know! After all that asking the universe [or the internets, more than once, whatever] for a sister wife I finally got one who can sew! So far, she’s not agreed to be my stay at home mom [not my mom, but rather the Bean’s mom, duh] but I’m hopeful) is helping sew my costume. We went to a fabric store and bought a pattern and she’s going to do sewing things! In the meantime, I just want you to remember how awesome I was last year.
This is what awesome looks like.

This is what awesome looks like.

amy serious valkyrie

Bad. Ass.


Happy Thursday! I promise not to choose you to die on the field of battle! At least not until November.


Three (3!) Things Thursday – Pants on Fire Edition

1. Remember when I said on *checks calendar* that I was going to do a book review on Wednesday and one on Friday? Did you enjoy yesterday’s review? You did not? Because it wasn’t there? Yeah. About that…so I have pneumonia. Which is not the bronchitis I was afraid I had at this point last week. It’s been making it difficult to wake up in the morning because my body thinks sleep is more important than waking early to write. (It also thinks not coughing is more important than exercising, something I am supporting.)

This is how I feel now.

This is how I feel now.

2. Speaking of writing, I had promised to finish the draft of the novel I’m working on by the end of the month. I have written approximately 1300 words in the last week (damn you, pneumonia! and double damn to Alvie’s ear infection). That is not enough to finish this. I’m going to have to push hard over the next 9 days to make my goal.

Day 004

The writing cave

3. The five point action plan I mentioned last week? The one with breakfast and lunch and no wine for dinner? That’s been going quite well! Go me! The activity levels need to be bumped up, but as soon as I can hit a brisk walk without coughing up a lunch, I feel that I’ll be doing well. I have a 5K April 4, my first outdoor triathlon (sprint!) on 5/9, and an Olympic tri on June 7. I also need to run a 10K at some point in April. The one thing that all of these races have in common? Every single one has a medal for all finishers.

I only race for medals.

I only race for medals.

Three Things Thursday

I don’t even remember the last time I did a Three Things Thursday. Ages.

So – three things.

1. I am thinking of getting a new sign to hang in my house, after being inspired on my daily walk by a construction site.

workplace accidents

2. Work is stressing me out, lately. I feel like I’m running behind and generally need to lock myself in a room with no internet and not be let out until I finish my to-do list.

3. I am off work today & tomorrow. I feel like it’s the last days of summer vacation before my baby starts school! The reality is he’s starting at a new daycare; one that will allow him to go 5 days a week. I’m going to miss our Fridays together, but it will be much easier to get things done if I don’t have to listen for the sounds of (a) running water; (b) flushing toilets; (c) angry cats; and (d) silence.

The Very (Grown-Up) Picture of Innocence

The Very (Grown-Up) Picture of Innocence

Three Things Thursday

1. MizFit (who is awesome, and if you aren’t reading her, you should be) has a new awesome sport skirt for sale! I am not a sport skirt person, but this one is such that I cannot resist. Check it out:

Right? Inspirational, cute AND SKULLS! I love skulls & crossbones.


2. I really like my job, but miss all the exercising I could do at 10 am when I was on maternity leave. Weekday exercise is not happening. I say that like weekend exercise is somehow happening. hahahahaha. At least tomorrow I have a 5:45 am running date with the Ambitious One.


3. For the life of me, I cannot think of a third thing. So, instead, I am going to insert photos of my child.



Attitude of Gratitude

Oct 4 – My son, even when he’s teething and tired, is still awesome. Cheeriest Baby Ever. Love that guy.