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Writerly Wednesday-Stuff & Utter Nonsense

Issue 2 of the newsletter, complete with an excerpt from The Waning Moon and Chapter 2 of Raj’s stories, should be hitting your in-boxes momentarily. You can head on over to my Extra’s page to sign up for the newsletter. You’ll get the latest issue and a link to all of Raj’s story so you can catch up.

I’m working on balancing my new work schedule with my writing. So far, it’s been working on getting the kidlet and me up and out the door so I can catch my bus and not so much writing. That should keep improving. I don’t have kid drop-off duty on Thursdays and Fridays (and every other Monday morning), so there’s a chance I can get some real work done on the (almost named) book 3 later this week.

I’m feeling pretty positive that after a month or so, I’ll know what I’m doing enough at work to both do a wonderful job as an employee, but give Eleanor & Co. more mental energy. I’ve gotta tell you, though, this whole “getting up early” and “talking to adults” and “commutes longer than 30 seconds” is taking some getting used to. I’m settling into my corner office, though. (It really is a corner office. Kind of. In a windowless basement. At least it’s my very own office? I ordered a SAD lamp today.)

Happy reading, Raj fans! You can always let me know what you think either here, or on my Facebook page!


I am going to give my 666th Twitter follower a free copy of The Cardinal Gate, and everyone who retweets my contest tweet will be entered to win their very own free copy of The Waning Moon! LUCK!


Here goes something…

I am at work. Probably. Unless I got lost and took the wrong bus and ended up in  Gresham or something.

That seems unlikely, but you never know with me. When I first moved to Portland, I would occasionally get on the wrong light rail line and not realize it until I was pretty far away from where I was trying to go.

Anyway, not the point.

I am starting a new job today. I’m a wee bit nervous. This is probably not surprising. Also not surprising? I wrote this Sunday night, because I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to blog today.

I went to the new place o’ work on Thursday and got my employee ID number, found the building in which I’ll work, and selected my office. Today, I’ll get my benefits information (oooooh! Health insurance!), my employee ID, and my transit pass (ooooh! Trimet annual pass!).

It’s weird starting a new job. I was with my last employer for 8.5 years. I was promoted twice and switched departments once, but I still knew what I was doing and where I was going.

I am unaccountably nervous about today. Last night, I prepped my coffee, made breakfast, packed a bag (including my special Doctor Who mug), made the Bean’s lunch, set my alarm, picked out my outfit (none of my work clothes fit. none. ZERO.), double-checked my alarm, had a very serious conversation with the Bean about the extra-special double importance of being a really good listener in the morning so that mama wouldn’t be late to her new job, triple-checked my alarm, laid out my jewelry, found my shoes, poured a beer, and quadruple-checked my alarm. (Which is funny, because I bet I didn’t sleep a wink last night.)

Stress makes my already less-than-spontaneous personality even less flexible. Starting a new job is not as stressful as wondering if I was going to have enough money to feed the Bean in early February, but it’s pretty damn stressful. And I need routine to survive stress.

I’m hoping that after a few days, I’ll feel a bit more comfortable–I know the work, just not the culture and specifics. I’ll develop a routine–both for my new job and for my writing/editing/working out.

It’s going to be hard at first, and I’m prepared for that. I know what I need to do to combat that.

  1. Sleep
  2. Self-care (saying no is good)
  3. Move (now that I have to leave the house most days, that should happen easily)
  4. Eat regularly. This does not mean I can eat a Kind bar every five hours and call it meals. Apparently. Or at least so I’ve been told.
  5. Read – I know that seems like an odd thing to add to my list, but when I get stressed, I stop reading much. I’m not sure why, but I will sit and play stupid games on my phone for hours, which just gives me a headache. I love reading, it’s stress-relieving, but apparently when I’m high-anxiety, I’ll do anything to avoid feeling better (including sleep, exercise, eating right, and reading).

So – I’m probably surviving, right? WHO KNOWS!? Not you. I could be lying in a ditch in Gresham, and you would think I was learning all about my different dental insurance options.

Cross your fingers that all is well with me…now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to finish up my future post and go check my alarm. Again.

Hmmm…maybe there’s one more thing I should add to the list. This is in the first-thing-in-the-morning slot now.

Writerly Wednesday: What Am I Doing?

My book is with my editor, who is probably editing out all the deaths so she can win our super serious killing contest.

I am working on book three in the series. Funny story! I wrote Book 3 in 2014-2015. I wrote Book 4 in 2016. I have now decided that book the third needs to be split into two. So, I found my split point and am now rewriting book three to be long enough and murdery enough.

I’m three chapters into the rewrite, and have already killed two street urchins. (Do I get bonus points if I kill off kids? Or do I lose points if I don’t fatten them up and eat them?)

I’m hoping to get through the book this week and decide where it needs fattening up and get through the rewrite and second draft by the end of June so I can send it off to my beta readers in July and get started on the rewrite of the 4th book, which will be more significant.

At some point, I’d like to write something new. I’m working on Raj’s story (chapter two will go out with the newsletter next week!), but can’t write the next book in Eleanor’s series until I get back from Romania. I’ve been doing almost nothing but writing and rewriting and editing since December and I’m itching to start fresh with a blank page.

I think once I get The Waning Moon out the door, I’ll start on my 13th century Icelandic novel. I am so ready to do the research!

In the meantime, I just need to buckle down, put my nose to the grindstone, and other hard work clichés so I can ramp up both my productivity and my kill count.


Three Things Thursday

  1. I am heading into the writing cave momentarily and do not intend to emerge again until some time this evening. Send snacks.
  2. I have some of the best beta readers in the land. Related: so  much work today and tomorrow morning. Send coffee.
  3. My schedule is going to be changing again soonish. I may have to rediscover things like “going to bed at a decent hour” and “getting up wicked early in the morning” and “not wearing pajamas until noon”* and “regularly speaking to humans who aren’t the beer guy.” Send champagne. (hashtag vagueblogging)

This is me for the next 30 hours. Gonna be hard to type in the straitjacket, but I’ll make it work.


*I almost never wear pajamas until noon. I’m usually dressed by 8 am because I am not a slacker. (And because 3 days/week I take Alvie to preschool and I never wear pajamas to do that.)

Writerly Wednesday: Inappropriate Meme PSA

Due to (a) an exorbitant amount of anticipatory stress and (b) a deadline, I have nothing much of value to say this week.

I wrote a book review yesterday, and didn’t post it. I’m still deciding if I want to. I was angry at the book for many reasons and am not sure I want to always post reviews of books that piss me off.

I wrote a ranty post for today, too, and decided that I didn’t want to rant at you, either.

Instead, I’ll leave you with where my brain’s at now…

I’m almost done with edits on The Waning Moon (pre-editor edits, that is). I should finish tomorrow or early Friday. I will have it to my editor by 3 pm Friday (Pacific Time) or you may all show up and spank me.

I’m looking at the third book in the Eleanor series. It’s sitting at 111K words – i.e. just a bit too long. BUT–and hear me out–I’m thinking of rewriting it into two complete books, which would necessitate adding several thousands of words.

In addition to finishing up The Waning Moon, and rewriting book 3 so it’s books 3 & 4 (which would make the already completed 4th book #5, and either extend my arc to 8 books or render the planned 6th book irrelevant), I have a rewrite of the first book of a different series to do and the outline for the 2nd book of that series, which is going to be hella complex, because history. Why did I decide I wanted to write historically accurate fantasy? WHY‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽

Fun fact: When I was in college, I was a DJ for our university radio station. The name of our weekly show was the S&M show. It was so named because the show’s creators were Sophia* & Madeleine*. Sophia had the poor taste to graduate, leaving Madeleine behind. Senior year, Madeleine lived with Sage* & me. When Sage DJ’d, it was still the S&M show, but with me? The AM show. For obvious reasons, we just kept the name. Every show started with Lords of Acid’s “Spank my Booty,” and Madeleine & I were in our university newspaper with a whip and handcuffs. I’m not sure where she got the handcuffs, but I definitely still have my whip.)

*all names changed to protect the innocent from google-fu.

So – that’s what I’m up to when I’m not spending my time being angry at books and writing long, ranty posts about them.


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